Fantastic Finale

15 March 2015: I will certainly miss the sound of burners blasting and the colourful array of balloons during my morning paddle. What a fantastic finale to the Canberra Balloon Spectacular. Despite the early wind the balloons launched from Old Parliament House and drifted over LBG saying their final hoorah to all those who ventured out during the spectacular. The pilots have put on such an amazing display showcasing their craft, skill and expertise and I consider myself fortunate to have witnessed this event from a waters perspective. Most mornings I had balloons drifting by the nose of my kayak and on occasion, I was towed along the surface of Lake Burley Griffin. Words cannot describe the daily visual delight that we have been treated to over the last week and I look forward to what the balloonists have install for next year.



IMG_0635 IMG_0645 IMG_0655 IMG_0657 IMG_0666 IMG_0670 IMG_0682 IMG_0685 IMG_0693 IMG_0707 IMG_3354 IMG_3355 IMG_3364 IMG_3371 IMG_3387 IMG_3399 IMG_3416 IMG_3418 IMG_3419 IMG_3424 IMG_3449 IMG_3450 IMG_3454 IMG_3456 IMG_3463 IMG_3476 IMG_3484 IMG_3492 IMG_3495 IMG_3503 IMG_3516 IMG_3519 IMG_3522 IMG_3523 IMG_3527


All the best and look forward to seeing you next year !

8 thoughts on “Fantastic Finale

  1. Fantastic shots – I am in awe of these photos. Mine are certainly improving but this shows how far I have to go. Enjoying trying and learning though. thanks. Put together some tips for those like myself on the learning curve. Thanks. Love the glorious gold in the sky.

    • I’m glad you are enjoying the imagery. The best way is to get out there and start clicking away. I have no real plan, I just get out and see what catches my eye. Hope this was helpful 🙂

  2. Hi Paul – just wanted to say how much we loved your photos. It was our first time flying in the Balloon Spectacular and you took some great shots of the balloons – and we loved getting down close to the lake and saying hello to you and the rowers, kayakers and others out on the water. Canberra really got behind the event and we will definitely be back next year.
    Jacqui from VH-CQK

    • Hi Jacqui,
      I’m so glad you like the balloon images. You certainly put on a stunning display and I must say a huge thank you as I wait all year long for this event to happen and each year you never disappoint. Thanks for taking the time out to write and I look forward to seeing you next year
      All the best

      • Paul – can I order one of your calendars? Could you email me direct with the payment details please? Thanks

      • Hi Jacqui,

        Unfortunately I do not have any calendar left at home but I will check to see if I have any left at the Shop Handmade store in Civic. I will give them a call on Monday to see if there are any left.
        I have sent you an email as well

        Kind regards


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