Immersed in a world of Natural Beauty – Wilson Promontory – Canberra to Cape York (via Apostles)

Day 8: 10 April 2018

We visited Tongue Point, swam at Fairy Cove and Darby Beach, then finished off with a sunset at Whisky Bay. What made this day so special was that we were invited to join two wonderful families to be apart of their sunset dinner on the beach. They had carted down a five-star feast totally decked out with tables, chairs, huge paella, nibbles and wonderful food. I actually thought it was professionally organised five-star beach dining experience. We were so blessed to be able to finish the day such with great company. Louis had the time of his life playing beach football in the late afternoon. This is what travelling is all about, I will never forget this day, how lucky are we to have this on our doorstep.




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