Kurrandra – Milla Milla Falls

25 June2018. Today is the last day and we pack up and head out for Kurandra where we visit the markets. After this we head throughout the Atherton Tablelands via the Curtain Fig Tree, the Cathedral Fig Tree, Millaa Millaa Falls. We finish the loop 5 hours later and return back to the Bruce HWY (only 96kms south of Cairns).  It’s late in the afternoon 5pm and we decide to push through to Townsville. We arrive for 9pm tired and check into our motel room. So glad that drive was over, it was a really dark night with loads of trucks. The camper has been packed up wet for the past few days and it’s going to smell really bad tomorrow when we open it tomorrow.


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Crystal Cascades and Mossman Gorge

24 June 2018 Early start and it was off to Crystal Cascade waterfall / rain forest. It’s light drizzle and it make for a wonderful early morning walk. From hear we head to the Mossman Gorge and meet up with Billie, Kurt and the Triplets. A great day is had walking the Mossman Gorge in the rain. This is truly one stunning place.


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Trip to The Tip – Cape York

17 June 2018 It’s time to trip to the Tip. We excitedly leave Bamaga and head out on the red earthed pathway to the Tip. We weave our way through the canopy of trees on the rich red earth which has turned slightly slippery and muddy with the light overnight rain. This adds to the daily adventure of sliding (me going too fast into the corner), river crossings and winding through one width track which seems to have a few offset for oncoming traffic. We are in awe and stop whenever we can to get out an take a few images. We arrive at the tip, it’s a beach with a headland, there is limited parking, but it’s scattered with FWD’s. We begin to walk an unmark track (you can just tell by the worn tracks and begin our assault up the headland over a rocky pathway that has mounds of rocks placed by the tourists. After 20 minutes we arrive to the most northerly point of Australia; Made it!



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Cairns – Horn Island – Bamaga – Loyalty Beach

16 June 2018: Here we go, the alarm is buzzing and it’s 5am. The car is packed and we head for the airport for our morning flight. The early morning sky is glowing bright pinks, reds and oranges and this a beautiful beginning to our next adventure. We have our car booked in at a secure parking station (Betta) and as usual we don’t research it’s location and eventually have to double back as we discover that it’s not located at the airport J . Louis is so excited and he is priceless as we walk out onto the tarmac, the hostie even puts him in the cockpit with the pilot for a few snap shots. We arrive into Horn Island after view the great barrier reef from above. We are quickly transferred onto a waiting bus and taken to the ferry for Thursday Island. The airport is tiny and something you would see in a movie. It’s basically a large shed. The ferry ride to TI is a lovely one, we are surrounded by beautiful blue waters of the tropic. What an experience so far. We arrive at TI and have a few hours to casually wander around. We visit the gallery first and are pleasantly surprised to find the best eatery; we stop order and enjoy a fantastic meal. After this we slow meander through the main drag visit a few shops and purchase a few items. Funny moment, Julie was getting dressed in this authentic classic shop and the local kids were running around playing hide and seek, this 10 year old just races in while Julie is undressing and hides in the change room. Julies thought this was quite funny, the kid didn’t care at all about her, he just wanted to hide. Kids we ducking in and out of clothes rack etc, it was a real treat, and this took me back to when I was a kid with mum.  We purchased this aboriginal printed shirt for Louis and we were unable to remove it from him, he loved it. Here we wandered to the TI pub for a few drinks as we waited for our 2.15pm boarding time onto the ferry to Sesia at Cape York. At the terminal louis devoured another ice cream while the border patrol wandered the jetty, people lined up and we began our journey to the main through turquoise waters. We dock at the pier, the view is awesome, it’s raw, locals are on the beach with fires going, people spearing and fishing, so cool. It’s steamy and this is winter! Marty (from the lodge) is waiting in the car park and transfers us to the lodge at Bamaga. Very kind considering this is Saturday afternoon, keep in mind we paid for it, but you must keep in mind where we are! This is raw and remote. We check in, pick up the keys to the Land Cruiser and we are off to Loyalty Beach for a roast dinner. The setting is superb, I walk the beach to a ship wreck and return to catch the sunset with Julie and Louis. Dinner takes for ever to arrive 1.5hrs, but any food is good J We drive home dodging the wild horses and stray dogs, welcome to Bamaga. We bunker down in room No21 which is two adjoining room with a kitchenette, it’s probably the biggest room. Louis is in heaven as there is TV.  What a day!

IMG_6295IMG_6313IMG_6566 - CopyIMG_6527 - Copy

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