Trip to The Tip – Cape York

17 June 2018 It’s time to trip to the Tip. We excitedly leave Bamaga and head out on the red earthed pathway to the Tip. We weave our way through the canopy of trees on the rich red earth which has turned slightly slippery and muddy with the light overnight rain. This adds to the daily adventure of sliding (me going too fast into the corner), river crossings and winding through one width track which seems to have a few offset for oncoming traffic. We are in awe and stop whenever we can to get out an take a few images. We arrive at the tip, it’s a beach with a headland, there is limited parking, but it’s scattered with FWD’s. We begin to walk an unmark track (you can just tell by the worn tracks and begin our assault up the headland over a rocky pathway that has mounds of rocks placed by the tourists. After 20 minutes we arrive to the most northerly point of Australia; Made it!




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