Josephine Falls is a Must Visit!

3 June 2018: As we are driving along the Bruce Hwy, we see the sign – Josephine Falls, we decide to head in….. WOW what a brilliant decision. We walk through the rain forest to see this amazing blue/green freshwater swimming hole that is fed by this massive waterfall / cascade. It’s even better as we slide down this huge rock face that is a water slide, it’s awesome! Louis and I can not get enough of it. We depart here with massive smiles and then head for Binda Boulders. This is another stunning location, it’s the connection of two fresh water rivers. The water is crisp and clear, we all have another swim, but we don’t last too long as we are still cold from the previous swim. After this, lunch (sausage sambos) are cooked on the camper trailer tail gate, then it’s off to Palm Cove. We arrive at Palm Cove for dusk and set up.



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