Day of Discovery

29 Nov 2014: Today’s paddle started with an electric sunrise and sent me on a day of discovery. The colour of spring was reflected in the underwater world with fuchsia tangled tree roots glowing below the water’s surface.

Do you want a new and fun way to advertise your business?  ‘Chilli Space’ is now up and running and will promote your business by displaying your business card on the nose of the red chilli and include your photo in my daily post and blog.


Brilliant reflections to start the day

IMG_3476 IMG_3495 IMG_3502

It was an electric sunrise


The Entangled Underworld of Lake Burley Griffin


Fuchsia Fingers


Natures Matrix

IMG_3600 IMG_3604 IMG_3635

JORTEK ENGINNERING for all of your machining and CNC routing needs.

M : 0403 802 666



Burley Swirls

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