Spectacular Sight

12 March 2015: Balloons were drifting on the water’s surface, balloons were floating in the sky and it true style the balloons light up the morning sky!

What a sensational display again by the pilots who took to the sky for the Canberra Balloon Spectacular this morning. The every happy balloonist’s attitude is so infectious and you immediately see that they thoroughly enjoy putting on a wonderful display for everyone who lines the shores or for those who take to the waters of Lake Burley Griffin.

What a morning!


IMG_0355 IMG_2792 IMG_2796 IMG_2799 IMG_2819 IMG_2826 IMG_2827

IMG_0371 IMG_0380 IMG_0386 IMG_0389 IMG_0396 IMG_0403 IMG_0404 IMG_0409 IMG_0425 IMG_0426 IMG_0431 IMG_0433 IMG_0436 IMG_0441 IMG_2835 IMG_2838 IMG_2839 IMG_2845 IMG_2848 IMG_2852 IMG_2853 IMG_2856 IMG_2862 IMG_2863 IMG_2864 IMG_2875 IMG_2877 IMG_2878 IMG_2880 IMG_2884 IMG_2886 IMG_2890 IMG_2895 IMG_2898 IMG_2910 IMG_2916 IMG_2927 IMG_2929 IMG_2933 IMG_2946

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