Balloon Brilliance

10 March 2015: Words are really hard to describe what I have experience over the past few days during the Canberra Balloon Spectacular. Each and every day has totally blown me away with a wonderful display of colour, fun and visual overload. The best thing I have to note is how happy and enthusiastic the balloonists are! Their joy for what they do is so infectious and it is quickly transferred into the crowds that line the shore line or to the paddlers that venture out onto the water. If you were to witness an event like this anywhere else in the world you would be raving it about it to your friends and family for months. How lucky are we to have such a spectacular event right on our doorstep. Do yourself a favour and make the effort to see this truly wonderful spectacle.


IMG_0128 IMG_0153 IMG_0166 IMG_0167 IMG_0171 IMG_0172 IMG_0178 IMG_0181 IMG_0182 IMG_0190 IMG_0191 IMG_0198 IMG_0204 IMG_0213 IMG_2587 IMG_2590 IMG_2592 IMG_2593 IMG_2600 IMG_2607 IMG_2610 IMG_2611 IMG_2615 IMG_2616 IMG_2619 IMG_2623 IMG_2624 IMG_2632 IMG_2638 IMG_2639 IMG_2644 IMG_2646 IMG_2652 IMG_2654 IMG_2661 IMG_2666 IMG_2674 IMG_2676 IMG_2678 IMG_2681 IMG_2701 IMG_2710 IMG_2713

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