Eden – Day 2 – Canberra to Cape York (via Apostles)

4-4-18: Eden

I woke at 6am to golden ray beams on the horizon. On return to camp Louis was waiting for me, so we went for a photography sunrise session together. My paddle today was across to Quarantine Bay and then over to the other side of the bay where the Young Endeavour was moored. I managed to time it perfectly as all the participants where climbing the masts in preparation for their next voyage. Taking photos was somewhat challenging as the wind had picked up and was throwing me from side to side and nearly tipping me. I decided to take a drive into Eden for food and walked up the beach headland where we had a picnic on the northern end of the beach. We visited the Whale Museum and learnt of Old Tom, the killer whale who would herd in the whales for the local whale hunters to kill them. This a fabulous museum steeped in history and has a full-size skeleton of Old Tom. His teeth are worn off on one side as he used to pull on the ropes of the boats.



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