Eden – Day 3 – Canberra to Cape York (via Apostles)

5 April -2018

I photographed an early morning sunrise and then headed off on our day trip through the Boyd Town National Park. We drove to Twofold Bay in the hope that we could kayak but was refused entry by the resort owner. Apparently, this area is private property. Instead we headed off to Green Cape Lighthouse, stopping off at Disaster Bay lookout.   From the lighthouse we headed back to the highway to re fuel.  Tip: Check your fuel before you depart. A highlight of the day was a drive to Davidson Whaling Station which is a beautiful secluded bay with crystal clear waters, mussels and beach strewn with cockle shells. It is also the historical site where Old Tom was found in the 1930s.  We had a great swim and headed back to camp for dinner.



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