Port Campbell – Apostles Canberra to Cape York (Via Apostles)

Port Campbell – Apostles

Canberra to Cape York (Via Apostles)

Day 17 – 19 April 2018: Awoke early and headed to the Apostles to catch to sunrise. I walked out to the destination for 5.30am only to find it was shadowed by the cliffs. I decide to head to the Gibson Steps to see what is there. As I return to the car park the sunrise is gorgeous on the plateau’s and I spend time capturing it in a rural setting with the livestock in foreground.

I arrive at the Gibson Steps and the access to the beach is an easy walk. I find myself walking the beach at low tide and have the place all to myself. The enormity just hits you when you are standing at the bottom of these cliff. The surf is huge and the weather is picture perfect. What morning! I walk both extremities of the beach (West and East) and spend at least 2hours here walking and photographing.

I arrive back for 9am and Julie and Louis are still huddled in bed. We depart for a day of touring and return to the Gibson Steps to walk the beach as I did together, they love it. After this we head for Lock Ard Gorge and with the aim to swim at the beach there (this is where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed as well). We arrive at the destination and thought that we were walking to the Gorge but really ended up walking a series of headland s instead. The views were amazing, but we really wanted a swim. We return back to the car tired, hungry and hot and begin to depart (missing the swim). I turn around and head back to the car park (in a different location) to find a mother and daughter towelling off at the back of their car. We ask how to access Loch Ard Gorge and believe it or not, the access was right in front of us the entire time. Excitedly we head for the beach, on arrival it is stunning, it’s this little bay that has a narrow opening that has a cliff perimeter. Louis and I go for a swim (as we call it….shocking the body) the water is crisp and quite dangerous, but we survive. After this we head to London Bridge and explore a few other locations as well. We return back to the camper to cook dinner in the camp kitchen and hang out in the TV room (I’m doing photos of course).





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