Port Campbell to Echuca Canberra to Cape York (Via Apostles)

Day 18 – 20 April 2018:

We pack up for 10am and begin the journey to Echuca, via Ballarat and Bendigo. This turns out to be an epic drive and we initially find out that we were heading in the wrong direction, we were going to Geelong!  We entrust Siri to take us on a new pathway and that she did. We ended up cutting through the middle of the Victorian farm lands, often on a one width road in the middle of nowhere. The land is barren and so dry. Hats off to the farmers! The scenery is excellent and we stop somewhere (we really don’t know where we are) to fly the drone and take a few images and there are rows and rows of Lucerne or hay fields. They look amazing from the air. We enter into Ballarat, with the view to visit the Biennale but we are unable to find a park as it was located in the city centre. The town is far bigger than we thought. We push onto Bendigo and eventually arrive at Echuca for dark. After several site inspections, Julie finally decides on our plot. We set up for a two-night stay. Glad to see the end of a seven-hour drive.





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