Sensational Start to Spring

1 Sept 2014: Spring has started in sensational style and what a magic morning to be out on Lake Burley Griffin. Spring is always a spectacular season and it won’t be too long before Canberra is in full colour. I can’t wait!

Robin Williams quote sums it up perfectly “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!”















Farewell to Winter

31 Aug 2014: There was a chill in the air, the landscape was shroud with mist and I was slicing my through glassy waters once again on Lake Burley Griffin. It was a beautiful farewell to winter and it didn’t take too long for the mist to burn off to reveal the beginning of a beautiful day in Canberra. Winter has provided me with many wonderful moments, but I’m really looking forward to the  warmth and colour that spring will bring.

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Pocket Rocket Review – Canon PowerShot D30

I was recently given the opportunity to trial & test the new Canon PowerShot D30. I was excited and eager to trial the new look Canon PowerShot D30. I have been shooting with the Canon PowerShot D20 for the past thee years and I have certainly put it through its paces and haven’t been disappointed.

I would like to point out that I am by no means a professional photographer but rather an amateur photographer who primarily photographs sunrises and sunsets from a sea kayak. The photos that you see in this review have been taken by the new PowerShot D30 and have not been digitally altered or enhanced in any way. The only alterations that have been made is to reduce and watermark the image size. I shoot entirely free hand, often with one hand outstretched and predominately in low light conditions. I do not use a tripod, filters or any other gadgets and  I am often asked, ” What filter do you use? or  What shutter speed do you use? My response to this is “I just point and shoot on full auto.

The Canon PowerShot D30 has a smaller and thinner body than the D20 making for a snug fit in ones hand. The easy viewing screen enables you to quickly size up your shot. One thing I enjoy about the D30 is how tough it is and its ease of use. The response time is quick and the button locations provide the user with simple operation. This is important as the majority of my shots are purely about capturing the moment at hand.  The D30 has the ability to capture soft tones almost as if you are using a filter.

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Magic Monday

25 Aug 2014: There was definitely a touch of magic in the sunrise this morning. It seems as though our glorious weekend’s weather has spilled over into Monday. The temperatures are starting to warm up and it won’t too long before the trees are bursting with colour. Spring is nearly here!

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A Pleasant Surprise

23 Aug 2014: There were balloons adrift this morning. It was so nice to see a splash of  colour amongst the soft blue and grey subtle tones of winter. The balloons popped up from the lawns of Old Parliament House and then hovered over the National Museum.  With spring just around the corner I’m sure we are all looking forward to seeing more bursts of colour in our nations capital.   

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Stormy and Sensational

21 Aug 2014: The sky was brooding, the winds were up and the cloud formations were sensational. How can you resist such temptation. It was late and I only had 30 minutes left to soak up the sunset after a long day of teaching. I decided to throw caution to the wind as I really wanted to see what I would be treated to as the sky was changing at such a rapid rate. All I can say is that I’m so glad I went out. I hope you enjoy the shots.

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