Stormy and Sensational

21 Aug 2014: The sky was brooding, the winds were up and the cloud formations were sensational. How can you resist such temptation. It was late and I only had 30 minutes left to soak up the sunset after a long day of teaching. I decided to throw caution to the wind as I really wanted to see what I would be treated to as the sky was changing at such a rapid rate. All I can say is that I’m so glad I went out. I hope you enjoy the shots.

IMG_3823 IMG_3828 IMG_3831 IMG_3842 IMG_3846 IMG_3863 IMG_3883 IMG_3885

Absolute Howler of a Start

11 Aug 2014: What a howler of a way to start the working week. The super moon was just brilliant and the light southerly winds definitely had a bit of bite. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and this made for a very relaxed morning. It may have been cool, but it was still a classic way to see another day begin.
All the best and have a great week.












A Living Painting

9 Aug 2014: It felt as though I was paddling in a living painting. Mother Nature mesmerised me this morning by beginning the day with gorgeous pastel pinks which slowly transitioned into soft sublime tones. It’s hard to believe that these beautiful conditions would result from subzero temperatures and heavy fog.


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Chasing Golden Rays

8 Aug 2014: You would be ranting & raving if you were anywhere else in the world; luckily for me this is in my front yard. I had such a beautiful beginning on Lake Burley Griffin this morning chasing gorgeous golden rays. I hope you had an excellent day and that you have a great weekend…Enjoy!

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Winter Wonderland

6 Aug 2014: What a hair raising sunrise in Canberra this morning. The chilling -6 degree temps continued creating an idyllic winter wonderland. Icicles were glistening everywhere, mist was dancing on the water and the atmosphere was serene. It was definitely worth getting out in these freezing temperatures to experience a morning like this.

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Frosty and Fantastic

3 Aug 2014: What a start to the morning with minus 5 temps, crystal clear skies, mist dancing on the water. Despite the cold biting at my face and my fingers and toes burning I couldn’t resist paddling further so that I could watch the scenery transform. I was transfixed by the sunrise which rose resembling a pot of gold. Behind me was a soft palette of soft pastel tones. Winter at its best with snow play available in the Brindabella’s and perfect clear skies for all to enjoy

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