Mystique and Beauty

26 July 2014:  The scenery was stark but beautiful in its own way. There is something mystical about leafless trees and drooping willow branches as they stand still against the heavy fog and reflect in the perfect glassy conditions. The crowds were thin this morning with only a few fellow paddlers on the water.Every now and then a splash of colour from a buoy would brighten up what was a rather grey morning. The sun tried its hardest to peek through the heavy clouds and a perfect arc of a rainbow ended what was a cold, bleak and rather drab day in the nation’s capital.
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Subtle Sunrise

25 July 2014: Some would prefer to snuggle under the doona or sit by a fireside during the depths of winter but it is so worth experiencing the crisp, cool mornings and the soft winter tones that a Canberra morning has to offer. This morning was undeniably cold with fog shrouding the lake making it difficult to spot fellow paddlers. As expected the morning unfolded to reveal a crystal clear day and even the swans were out to welcome all that ventured out.
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Totally Spoilt

24 July 2014: Mother Nature spoilt me on my birthday today with a gorgeous sunrise which was viewed from Mount Ainslie. My day was topped off with a glorious afternoon paddle on LBG. There wasn’t a ripple to be seen which allowed for perfect reflections to be captured. It doesn’t get any better than this!


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In Total Balance

23 July 2014: Often the most amazing places are right on your doorstep…. We just need to open the door. The day begun with gorgeous golden tones to the east and finished off with beautiful blue reflections to the west and I have to say “it just doesn’t get any better than that!”

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Wonderful Home Welcoming

21 July 2014: What a wonderful welcoming home tonight! I was watching the sky build all afternoon as we cruised our way today. As soon as we arrived home I quickly unpacked the car and hightailed my way down to LBG for 4pm to catch a stunning Canberra sunset. I hope you enjoy the photostory :)

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Wild Delight

19 July 2014: The southerly was howling, the sea was huge and the coastline was taking massive hits which created some spectacular scenery. The Newcastle Ocean Baths were overflowing as the waves crashed over the back pushing a torrent of water flowing through to the Cowrie Hole. I was running around bare footed in shin deep water (and deeper at times) and at one stage I had to climb up on the railings to avoid one huge surge. I was having a blast, I brought back so many fond memories as kids (grommets) we would love it when the conditions were like this. The Bogey Hole was impressive as well as the waves blasted spray high into the sky on impact, I’ve definitely had an enjoyable day, I hope you enjoy to photo story.


6.19am: It maybe have been overcast and windy, but the reflections were great.

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