Elegance and Beauty

10 Oct 2014: Today began elegantly with soft pink hues highlighting the morning sky and transformed ever so slowly to unveil a beautiful crystal blue day. The spring conditions in our nations capital, Canberra have been exceptional this year bringing perfect conditions for viewing our spectacular sunrises and sunsets. IMG_9087
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A Living Painting

9 Aug 2014: It felt as though I was paddling in a living painting. Mother Nature mesmerised me this morning by beginning the day with gorgeous pastel pinks which slowly transitioned into soft sublime tones. It’s hard to believe that these beautiful conditions would result from subzero temperatures and heavy fog.


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Mystique and Beauty

26 July 2014:  The scenery was stark but beautiful in its own way. There is something mystical about leafless trees and drooping willow branches as they stand still against the heavy fog and reflect in the perfect glassy conditions. The crowds were thin this morning with only a few fellow paddlers on the water.Every now and then a splash of colour from a buoy would brighten up what was a rather grey morning. The sun tried its hardest to peek through the heavy clouds and a perfect arc of a rainbow ended what was a cold, bleak and rather drab day in the nation’s capital.
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Unexpected Surprise

28 June 2014:  The gorgeous reflections that I experienced this morning was the last thing I expected as the forecast was for windy conditions early on and by mid morning the weather was meant to turn extremely bleak (which it did). I was lucky enough to find this little patch of peace and calm on the section where the Molonglo River meets with LBG. It was here that I was treated to a very pretty start to Saturday. The quote from Pablo Picasso “Everything you can imagine is real” pretty much sums up my morning paddle.  I hope you enjoy the photo’s.

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Casual Cruise

23 April 2014: I casually cruised my way into a glorious sunrise this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed all the sights and sounds of Newcastle harbour as the winds were light, the light was superb and I wasn’t in any hurry at all. I hope that you have a great day.

It was a very relaxed morning out on the water this morning

It was a very relaxed morning out on the water.

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