Monday Morning Meditation

18 May 2015: The early morning sky glowed with a mixture of oranges, cinder reds that blended into mellowing mauves and blues. Light mist was dancing on the surface in front me as I watched another beautiful unveiling. It wasn’t too long before I was drifting amongst swirling murals of colour on the water’s surface. The finale was crystal blues skies, vivid reflections and a solo balloon to top everything off. This is my morning meditation.
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Lost in a World of Beauty

17 May 2015: This morning I found myself totally lost in a world of natural beauty and I was in no hurry to be found at all. I’m struggling to use words to describe my experience, so it is best to let the images convey the story. Every now and again something special happens and this was one of those moments. I hope you like my imagery.

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Wintery Treat for Mother’s Day

10 May 2015: A cold blustery day didn’t faze mums around the nation’s capital as they celebrated Mother’s Day. Several braved the elements participating in the Mother’s Day Classic, while others enjoyed sharing food with loved ones at local cafes and restaurants. Local Press, Kingston Foreshore was our pick of the day with superb food, outstanding friendly service and quality coffee. I hope all mums were treated to something special today.
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