Sensational Start to Spring

1 Sept 2014: Spring has started in sensational style and what a magic morning to be out on Lake Burley Griffin. Spring is always a spectacular season and it won’t be too long before Canberra is in full colour. I can’t wait!

Robin Williams quote sums it up perfectly “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!”

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Magic Monday

25 Aug 2014: There was definitely a touch of magic in the sunrise this morning. It seems as though our glorious weekend’s weather has spilled over into Monday. The temperatures are starting to warm up and it won’t too long before the trees are bursting with colour. Spring is nearly here!

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Subtle Sunrise

25 July 2014: Some would prefer to snuggle under the doona or sit by a fireside during the depths of winter but it is so worth experiencing the crisp, cool mornings and the soft winter tones that a Canberra morning has to offer. This morning was undeniably cold with fog shrouding the lake making it difficult to spot fellow paddlers. As expected the morning unfolded to reveal a crystal clear day and even the swans were out to welcome all that ventured out.
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In Total Balance

23 July 2014: Often the most amazing places are right on your doorstep…. We just need to open the door. The day begun with gorgeous golden tones to the east and finished off with beautiful blue reflections to the west and I have to say “it just doesn’t get any better than that!”

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Drawn into the Sunrise

13 July 2014: This morning I was drawn towards a beautiful sunrise as I walked my way along Newcastle Breakwall. The waves that crashed over the wall left a patch of water towards the end which allowed me view the breakwalll from a totally different perspective. I true Newcastle fashion there was plenty of action as there were joggers, bike riders, walkers and fisherman out and about on a nippy Newcastle morning. IMG_1798
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