Day of Discovery

29 Nov 2014: Today’s paddle started with an electric sunrise and sent me on a day of discovery. The colour of spring was reflected in the underwater world with fuchsia tangled tree roots glowing below the water’s surface.

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Brilliant reflections to start the day

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Golden Spectacle

26 Oct 2014: This morning I was engulfed by golden mist on Lake Burley Griffin. I was on the water 45 minutes before the scheduled sunrise time of 6.06am and the East Basin was shrouded in light mist and the water, glassy. I immediately knew that this was going to transform into something special, so I decided to sit back, relax and enjoy watching the morning unfold. Initially the colours were soft and then from out of nowhere the sun rose between the poplars shedding gold light beams from all angles. It looked FANTASTIC!  From this moment on the morning went into golden high fire mode.


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Gentle Beginning

8 Oct 2014: It was such a gentle beginning in the ‘the world’s most liveable city’ this morning. The soft morning light combined perfectly with the calm conditions to produce a glorious start to the day. It was that calm that I was able to have a chat with one of the Balloon Aloft pilots and his crew as they casually floated metres above the water’s surface.  The passengers aboard the balloon flight were certainly treated to a spectacular view of Canberra and Floriade. IMG_8625
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