Wild Delight

19 July 2014: The southerly was howling, the sea was huge and the coastline was taking massive hits which created some spectacular scenery. The Newcastle Ocean Baths were overflowing as the waves crashed over the back pushing a torrent of water flowing through to the Cowrie Hole. I was running around bare footed in shin deep water (and deeper at times) and at one stage I had to climb up on the railings to avoid one huge surge. I was having a blast, I brought back so many fond memories as kids (grommets) we would love it when the conditions were like this. The Bogey Hole was impressive as well as the waves blasted spray high into the sky on impact, I’ve definitely had an enjoyable day, I hope you enjoy to photo story.


6.19am: It maybe have been overcast and windy, but the reflections were great.

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Reflections of Home

18 July 2014: It’s always nice to come ‘home’ and reflect on the beautiful surrounds where I spent my youth. This was my playground as a child and I never cease to tire of walking Nobby’s Beach, The promenade around to Newcastle Beach past the Cowrie Hole and the famous Newcastle Ocean Baths. I always enjoy finishing off my morning with a coffee at Estabar Cafe, Newcastle Beach.

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Drawn into the Sunrise

13 July 2014: This morning I was drawn towards a beautiful sunrise as I walked my way along Newcastle Breakwall. The waves that crashed over the wall left a patch of water towards the end which allowed me view the breakwalll from a totally different perspective. I true Newcastle fashion there was plenty of action as there were joggers, bike riders, walkers and fisherman out and about on a nippy Newcastle morning. IMG_1798
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